This guide may look long and complicated, but it's mostly just copying files around.


- A Wii with Homebrew Channel + an SD card

- .wad versions of a 480i and a 240p TurboGrafx-16 VC game

- A wad manager to install the VC titles

- (optional) Triiforce to force 240p 60Hz RGB output

PC Tools

- ShowMiiWads v1.4 (requires common-key.bin) OR ShowMiiWads mod 1.0 (v1.5) which doesn't require common-key.bin


- CustomizeMii v3.11


- wwcxtool v1.21

Warning: I highly recommend using BootMii on your Wii to prevent a soft brick from a broken wad file. Before installing wad files on your Wii you should check if they work in the Dolphin emulator on PC.

For this tutorial I will use the NTSC-U version of Bomberman '94 as a donor for the 240p emulator version and Blazing Lazers as an example of a 480i game.

Step 1 - Extract the wad files

Open your wad folder in ShowMiiWads. Right click on Bomberman '94 and select Extract To Folder. Now use Tools > Unpack U8 Archive to unpack the file you just extracted.

Repeat the same for Blazing Lazers.

Step 2 - Create a working folder

Create a new folder and copy the contents of Bomberman '94 including the 00000005_app_OUT folder into it. Delete (the banner file) and (the emulator, settings and rom) from it. In the 00000005_app_OUT folder delete the files LZ77N43800PL.BIN, LZ77_html.arc, savedata.tpl and TITLE.TXT.

We will replace these files with Blazing Lazers in the next steps.

Step 3 - Apply LZ77 Type 10 compression

The later (240p capable) version of the TurboGrafx-16 emulator uses LZ77 compression for its roms. Since the game files from the older 480i VC titles are uncompressed we need to compress them now.

- Copy wwcxtool.exe into the 00000005_app_OUT of your 480i game and open a command (cmd) prompt in this folder

- Type 'wwcxtool /c0 html.arc LZ77_html.arc' and press enter

- If there is a xyz.pce file (for example N43406YP.PCE) type 'wwcxtool /c0 xyz.PCE LZ77xyz.BIN' and press enter. (replace both xyz with the filename of your game)

- If there is a LZ77xyz.BIN file (for example LZ77N43300YL.BIN) instead, do nothing. It's already compressed.

Step 4.1 - Copy the banner

Copy the file from your 480i game into the working folder.

Step 4.2 - Copy the game files

Copy your compressed LZ77xyz.BIN, LZ77_html.arc files as well as savedata.tpl and TITLE.TXT from your 480i game into the 00000005_app_OUT folder of your working folder.

Now open config.ini in your working folder and edit the NAME and ROM entry to match the file you just copied.

More info about the config file:


This option does not do anything. Just put the title of the game’s name here (keeping it short and using ASCII characters only).

Make sure you <u>KEEP</u> this setting!


Tells the emulator which “.hcd” to load. Replace the option with “CDROM.hcd”.

Make sure you <u>KEEP</u> this setting!


Saves data (if game uses a save feature) so if the power is turned off (not using the Wii VC Save State), the data won’t get loss.

0 = Doesn’t backup save data

1 = Does backup save data


The "TurboGrafx 16" / "PC Engine" only had one once controller port and in order for multiplayer (up to five players) to work, a multitap has to be connected.

0 = No Multitap connected (only 1 Controller is connected)

1 = Multitap is connected (4 Controllers are connected)


Use this option if the “MULTITAP=” option is set to 1 and the game you are injecting supports 5 Players.

If activated, when you start the game, an option appears which will allow you to set which “Wii Remotes” / “Gamecube Controllers” to use.

0 = Controller 5 is not connected to Multitap

1 = Controller 5 is connected to Multitap


I’m not a 100% sure but I think this option is to allow scrolling backgrounds to display correctly.

I know “Star Parodier” uses this option and in “Puyo Puyo CD” (inject Nintendo Wii Channel, not official Nintendo Wii Channel), it fixes a tiny 'glitch' in the scrolling of the high score screen.

You will just have to experiment with this option as I don’t know which games are programmed to use it.

Also beware that games that don’t support “raster” might slow down. I had to disable it in “Rainbow Islands” because the game slowed down when too many enemies were on the screen.

0 = Raster affect is off

1 = Raster affect is on

Below I have quoted what Wiki says about “Raster”:

< !--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->“Some display systems have only one layer. These include most of the classic 8-bit systems (such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, the original Game Boy, and the PC Engine). The more sophisticated games on such systems generally divide the layer into horizontal strips, each with a different position and rate of scrolling. Typically, strips higher on the screen will represent things farther away from the virtual camera or one strip will be held stationary to display status information. The program will then wait for horizontal blank and change the layer's scroll position just before the display system begins to draw each scanline. This is called a "raster effect" and is also useful for changing the system palette to provide a gradient background.”<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->


No idea what this option does. It is always activated in official Wii Channels.

Make sure you <u>KEEP</u> this setting!

0 = NOFPA is off

1 = NOFPA is on


No idea what this option does. It is activated in “Gradius 2: Gofer No Yabou”.

0 = IRQMODE is off.

1 = IRQMODE is on.




Adjust the CD (.ogg music), PSG (music playing from the .bin files) and ADPCM volume.

Used in “Gradius 2: Gofer No Yabou”.

Use 1 decimal point for the volume value, for example: 0.8




No idea what those options do. These settings are not activated in official Wii Channels.

0 = Disable setting.

1 = Activate setting.


Disable if installing on a Japan Wii, activate if installing on an American or Europe Wii.

Make sure you <u>KEEP</u> this setting!

0 = If installing WAD on a Japan [NTSC-J].

1 = If installing WAD on a USA or an American [NTSC-U] Wii or Europe [PAL-E].


No idea what this option does but it is activated in “Gradius 2: Gofer No Yabou” - Europe version.

0 = PATCH is off.

1 = PATCH is on.


By default, this is set to “off”. It is set to “on” in “Castlevania: Rondo of Blood”.

An over-scan is an extra image around the four edges of a video image, which is not meant to be seen by the viewer.

Turning this on basically puts a small Black Border around the image. Depending on the type of TV you have will depend if you can see them or not.

I’ve no idea when you need to use this option, so will you just have to experiment.

0 = HIDEOVERSCAN is off.



Used in “Castlevania: Rondo of Blood”. It moves the screen down (y axis) to centre the image.

If you get any injected ISO’s that do not display in the centre of the screen like “Bonanza Bros.” (inject Wii Channel, not official Wii Channel), try using this.

Use whole positive numbers like 0, 3, 7, 9 etc.




These are options that don’t get used in any official WADs.

No idea what these options do.

0 = Disable option

1 = Activate option

Step 5.1 - Repack the 00000005_app_OUT folder

Use ShowMiiWads to pack the 00000005_app_OUT in your working folder and save it as Tools > Pack U8 Archive > Without Header, click on No in the prompt that asks if the archive should be compressed. Delete the 00000005_app_OUT folder.

Now your working folder should contain the files to, plus a .cert, a .tik, a.tmd and a .trailer file.

Step 5.2 - Repack the wad file

Use Tools > Pack Wad in ShowMiiWads to pack your working folder into a .wad file.

Step 6 - Fix the Title ID of your new wad file

Your newly created wad file has the same title id as your donor game. Before you install it on your Wii you have to change it to the title id of the game you converted. ShowMiiWads shows you the Title ID. For Blazing Lazers it's PB8E.

Open CustomizeMii and select your newly created wad as the source wad. In the Options tab enter the Title ID of the game you converted to 240p and set Startup IOS to 53. Click Create WAD to save the edited file and delete the file from step 5.2.

Test your new wad file in Dolphin before you install it!

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